The intention to establish all Green Metals – Companies all over the world was to create a network of reliable business partners in the recycling of scrap metal.


Environment = minimising the negative effects of scrap metal business on the environment:
The essential manufacturing process taking place in a hall under shelter,
Operational area – additional sealing with a plastic film under the concrete slab,
Leachate gathered by a drainage system into a special tank and transferred to utilization,
Logistics optimization – maximum efficiency of loading, preferring railway transport.


Safety = creating a safe working environment for employees and suppliers
„Zero-accident” policy,
continuous improvement of the safety level,
implementing the best practices and standards developed by the TTC – Group all over the world


Reliable business partner = cooperation founded on absolute trust
Fair classification of scrap metal,
Fair payment without delay,
Ensuring a professional service adapted to meet a customer’s specific needs,
transparency of operations